Saturday, May 5, 2007

Clergy and Job Satisfaction

In what I think is a self-evident revelation, a new study finds that of some 200+ career fields in the US today, the group with the highest job satisfaction: clergy. The study also looked at self reported happiness levels. Guess who was on top? Yep: clergy!

Of the many priests and even the few ministers that I know, we all find great reward in what we do. As a priest quoted in the story says: "My work allows me to help other people and to see them grow spiritually and personnally." What could be greater? It shows that Jesus really did know what he was talking about in that whole it is better to give than recieve thing.

So, when you hear a parent of someone thinking about priesthood or religious life and say that "I want my child to be happy." Look back at them and say that there is a better chance of it as a priest than anywhere else!

(I forgot to add a thanks to Rich for sending me the link.)

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Anonymous said...

This is very comforting to hear, Fr. My son is 12 and discerning a call to the priesthood (incidentally, he is also a twin!)

If you find time in your busy schedule, please say a prayer for him.

Christine (Atlanta, GA diocese)