Friday, May 4, 2007

Get out the dust rags!

Hey, this place is a mess! There is a layer of dust on everything and I hardly recognize the place!

So, I finally made it back from world travels and local responsibilities and can sit down and reflect a bit on my travels.

Two weeks ago from today, I was in Columbus, Ohio, visiting the Josephinum and our four students in the College there. I am glad to report that all are doing well, and that all are looking forward to the summer, as we always did this time of year. (The Lilacs signal the start of break, aahhhh....)

After that, I headed to the parental unit's place for the weekend. My niece Brook made her First Communion on that Saturday. It is a special privilege for a priest to give communion for the first time to his nieces and nephews. Brook was positively beaming during the whole ceremony.

I managed to make it back here to Cincinnati for less than a day (after Mass at Wright State University for Fr. Ed Burns) before heading off to the Eternal City. I have to admit that visiting Rome is much better than living there! I was great to visit with Zack, who will be ordained to the priesthood this summer, and with Frs. Earl and Anthony, who are both working on Doctorates. It is good to know someone when visiting, as they get you in to the good restaurants without too much trouble.

A highlight of the week was definitely celebrating Mass in St. Peter's Basilica. Saturday morning, while the men here were preparing for Deacon Ordination, I had the honor of celebrating Mass there for the three men ordained later that day as transitional deacons and the 33 ordained as permanent deacons. Even though we weren't at the main altar, heck, even a major side altar for that matter, it is still impressive to think that the place where I am offering Mass has been a site of pilgrimage for nearly 2000 years! We were at the 'organ altar,' where the altar piece was of the healing of the paralytic by Peter and John at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple. Impressive!

After nearly a week in Rome, I made it home earlier than expected as I caught the early flight from Philly to Cinci. (A much better option than spending SIX HOURS in the airport!)

I spent a day at the office before taking off again, this time to Detroit. We had a regional DoV meeting between Ohio and the Evil Empire, oops I mean Michigan. We join (well, at least until this year, no more now) with Region VI of the National Religious Vocation Council. The problem that we found is that our interests and needs just don't jive up with theirs, so next year we are going to break it up. It is nice to visit with other DoVs, as there are certain problems and issues that we can really only ask each other about.

On the way home, I stopped over in Indy for a stewardship event with our stewardship director. It was a nice meting, but I got home way toooooo late. I was a zombie in the office all day yesterday.

Then, last night it was great to hear Adam McMahon speak on whether or not the Early Church was Catholic. (According to him, it was. Good, Adam, you can stay in the seminary :wink: )

Today, even with the day off, was still in the office. After two weeks, the stack of mail and phone calls is pretty tall, and I need to get back to a few people yet.

So, here we are, a Friday night, I am exhausted. Can I go to bed at 8:00?

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Jackie said...

No you can't go to bed early. I read all the places you've been and here how you've 'worked' but, hey Father, I know there was fun in there!! Besides, you're young - lots of energy.

So - get to dusting, emailing, returning phone calls, etc.

We like to see our dads hard at work ( and aggravate and pick on them a bit too! :) )