Friday, May 25, 2007

Radio Ga Ga

This weekend's Homilist for the Gospel Today on Sacred Heart Radio here in Cincinnati is yours truly. It airs at 7:30 and 11:30 Saturday and Sunday.

I enjoy working with Sacred Heart, as it is an important mission here in the city. However, it is weird preaching to an empty chair in a sound studio as opposed to a full church. I'll be at St. Max's for the early Mass this Sunday, c-ya there!


joe_kraimer said...

I love to listen to the radio homilies in my car during Mon-Fri. Believe me, there are folks listening to you on the other end-- you gotta see beyond the mike-- just like you're talking to someone on the telephone. I hope to be driving on Saturday errand and be able to listen in. God bless.

Father Kyle said...


That's one of the things that you know and try to visualize as you are sitting there staring at a microphone and an empty chair.

God Bless!