Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

The longer that I am in the priesthood, the more I appreciate the big civil holidays. Why? no extra work for us priests! (Christmas and Easter tend to be crazy days for us, so that by the time we get to family get togethers, wiped out.) Oh, well, I digress.

To those who have served our country (or are currently serving) THANK YOU! We owe you all a great deal of gratitude for the sacrifices that you made to keep this country free and strong. You gave of yourselves so that I could spend the day fishing with my parents.

Especially these days, it seems that it is no longer vogue to support our troops. Please know that I pray for our troops often, and while I certainly wish that there would be no need to serve in such distant parts of the world, I greatly respect the sacrifices that are made.

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