Thursday, May 24, 2007

Random Thoughts

It is time to do a general download of files before the harddrive in my brain crashes again.

Some of you may have noticed a few additions of links under the archives to the right. I will try to include things over there that are my current interests and upcoming events that I have as well.

To explain what they are:
- Theology on Tap should be self explanatory, we meet in a bar to discuss theology, why else would one go to a bar? I'm on the core team for ToT Cincinnati with a great group of folks. Our season finishes up this evening at Ticket's in Covington with Constance Coxon. (Don't ask why ToT Cincinnati meets in Covington, we just do.)

- Pentecost Celebration is something new for Young Adults, and is happening out and around St. Gertrude's Parish in Maderia. Check the link for more info, sounds like a fun day, at least if you are into Churchy-type fun.

- Cincinnati 2000 is our local spinoff of the ever popular Youth 2000. (Again, I don't make the names so no griping about "Why '2000' when it is 2007?") It looks like Moeller again next year, and because the date of Easter is so early, we're looking at two weeks after the Great Feast of the Resurrection.

- BATracer is something new that I just got involved with. It is a browser based racing simulation game, where you manage a team (sort of like a race engineer) during a season. You set the car up for practice, qualifying, and races, and the computer actually does the laps for you and gives feedback. It is pretty fun, and doesn't take a whole lot of time per day, just 15 minutes or so per series. Currently, I have a LeMans Series Porsche 911 GT3 RSR in Flying Lizard Colors, which I have podiumed two races in a row (can a win be far behind?) and a Ford Falcon in an Austrailian V8 Supercars Series, which is getting off to a slow start, but I just finished ninth (out of 31) in two successive races to claw up from 30th in points to 26th.

- The American LeMans Series is currently the best racing on the planet, ok, well the LeMans Endurance Series in Europe is a little more exciting right now, but the ALMS is best in the States. Four classes of cars on the track at the same time, what could be more exciting? I hope to get to the round at Mid-Ohio this year, but this working weekends thing really puts a damped in those plans!

- Sherman's Lagoon is quite simply the best comic strip going right now, even better than Zits. (Check out the bottom of this page for an example.) What could be better than a dim-witted Great White Shark voraciously hunting the Great Hairless Beach Ape?


Jackie said...


I think you accidentally left out a paragraph in this blog - you know the one about the NASCAR Series you are in. So - is Talladega your favorite track or do you like the short tracks?

Kurt said...

I think you may be mistaken.

Let's see, go left. Go left. Go left. repeat 500 times? Hoe hard is that?

I will add you to my prayer lists.

The other Schnippel

Jackie said...

Dear Kurt,

I see that the sense of humor runs in the family! Fr. Kyle has on occasion expressed his dislike for NASCAR however - I'm trying to provide an opportunity for him to expand his horizons!! You know - an All American sport!

Father Kyle said...

dear Jackie,

Let's see, what does NA$CAR stand for again... hmmm.... oh, that's right:


Jackie said...

Dear Fr. Kyle and Kurt,

I see that the whole twin thing seems to work for you two at least in Motor Sports. So BOTH of you need your horizons expanded!!

Kurt said...

Been there.
Done that.

Got bored out of my mind.

I like to see technology not managed entertainment.

All American Sport that welcomed Toyota open armed (and wallet)

Jackie said...

Gee - this is like hearing in STEREO!! I'm out numbered!! I give up! :)

Kurt said...

Just like a woman. Leave when the fight is getting good!

Jackie said...

Aw my dear Kurt,

Your brother is sitting back laughing because he knows that someday I'll meet you in person...

He's just happy he didn't say that!

Father Kyle said...

Kurt: Don't poke the bear!

Jackie: I say that in all love and honesty, as one who has received an occasional bear attack! ;)