Friday, May 11, 2007

Lessons from a Holy Hour

Theology on Tap here in Cincinnati continues full steam ahead. I wish that I had more of a chance to listen to last night's discussion on the interplay between faith and science, but I was hearing confessions (not telling my confession, Sarah!!)

Afterwards, we have a Holy Hour with Praise and Worship music at the Basilica of the Assumption. A lesson that I apparently had to relearn last night: don't touch a hot thurible! It leaves a pretty good blister on the right index finger! (Luckily, up by the nail instead of on the underside, so at least I can still type, whew!)


Sharon said...

Is there any chance that the Theology on Tap talks will be put online?

Fr. Larry Gearhart said...

This topic is near and dear to my heart. I hope they did it justice.

Father Kyle said...


We wanted to be able to post the talks, or at least have a discussion forum on the new website, but it isn't up yet.

Fr. Dr. G., from what I heard, it was done well.