Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Hidden Joy of being the Vocation Director

As most know, this is a busy week for priests. Penance services have been going non-stop for the last few weeks, and as they get tacked onto all the other stuff we do, Holy Week can rush upon us quickly!

But I hate to say this because some of my brother priests will no doubt want to hunt me down and shoot me, I actually get to enjoy Holy Week again this year! Since I don't have a parish assignment, I get to sit back and enjoy the wonderful liturgies at the Cathedral, the smells and bells, the choir, the sights, the liturgies done in ways that few parishes are unfortunately able to match (we have the seminarians do all the serving at the Cathedral this week.)

And, best of all, no homily to prepare until next Sunday! So, fellas, when you see me at the Chrism Mass on Tuesday, don't kill me, please! It is one of the few perks of working in the Central Offices!

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