Friday, March 14, 2008

In theory, communism works!

Since we tend to work weekends, most priests get a day off during the week. As mine is typically on Friday, it gives me a chance to catch up and prepare for the weekend after several days in the office and running around the diocese.

But, as we found out about communism, what works on paper, doesn't always work in practice. So today, my 'day off,' I left at 8:00, had Mass at a parish at 9:00 with a short presentation afterwards. Since I was in the area of the seminary, there was a quick meeting with the Rector there, as well as the librarian about website details. Lunch was with a friend partway across town before hitting the Catholic Shop in Madeira to pick up a few things, Chesterton's Orthodoxy among them. Heading up north a bit, next was a meeting with a potential seminarian before heading back to the Cathedral just in time for dinner at 6:00. Hmm, a day off and I got back home later than when I am just at the office. How's that work?

Oh well, this evening was a chance to relax at the 'Sean PATRICK'S DAY Party.' A former colleague hosts a very generous gathering at his place, so a good chance to catch up with friends that I hadn't seen in quite a while, including a couple whose wedding I celebrated last year.

So, here it is about 11:00, and ready to hit the sack. I don't complain, cause a friend always reminds me: 'I don't get a day off from being a mom!' and I've agreed that I 'want to die tired.' I just didn't think He'd take me up on that offer next week!


barb said...

It does sound like a crazy day off! I was laughing about your friend's comment. One time several years ago, a priest complained to me about not getting his day off that week and that he hadn't gotten much sleep the night before because he was called to the hospital. I told him it sounded like my life all the days off as a mom and always on-call at night. I don't think he appreciated my sounds like you took it much better.
I hope you have a blessed weekend, Father.

adoro said...

It makes me feel very guilty being a single busy as my life can be, I'm normally home when I want to be home, most of my days off are wasted on frivolous things (except for the studying part and errand-running most of which is done on weekends), etc.

On one hand it makes me LOVE being single...on the other hand I am right now dying of guilt.

But somehow...I know the time is coming where I will realize that I need to take advantage of this "down time" because once it ends it will never come back!

Jackie said...

Dear Father,

I'm so glad to see what a good Dad you are being to us - your kids!!

Parenting is a blast - don't you think?