Friday, March 7, 2008

White Death Arrives, City Panics!

Ok, so it is now MARCH, but apparently the saints in charge of the weather forcast didn't get that memo, because it is snowing to the nines here in the Queen City of the Midwest. Kroger is empty, sold out of everything, especially milk and eggs. The weatherforcasters haven't slept in days and are starting to get that ragged, drug behind a bus look to them, and well, just board up everything else, 'cause its DANGEROUS OUT THERE!!!

Me? I'm in the best possible place: home, on my regularly scheduled day off. Confessions at the high school were canceled, and I am about to cancel my other appointment for today, so I'm slowly sipping a hot cocoa, and enjoy the pretty sites.


adoro said...'s frigid up here in MN. Was -29 up at the border, it was -6 in my town, and I think it's STILL below 0.

And it'll be about that cold again tonight. It's been a bad winter up here in the northland. The ice that coated everything in December is STILL THERE. And every time it warms up a little, it snows. Then the sun melts it and it becomes a lake of ice on the driveways and sidewalks.

Easter is in a couple weeks, and it will probably look a lot more like Christmas!

Anonymous said...

YEAH SNOW! We're snowed in in C'bus, and I'm lovin' it! Thank God that I don't have to go out, and may God bless those who must!