Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fun with Statistics!

From a combox below, barb asks:

Perhaps you have mentioned this before and I've missed it, but how many priests and parishes do we have in our archdiocese in comparison to the 34 seminarians?

From the 2007 Catholic Directory and Buyer's Guide, which cites statistics from 2006 Official Catholic Directory:

Archbishops: 1
Auxiliary, now retired: 1
Priests, active in Diocese: 177
Active outside Diocese: 7
In foreign missions: 1
Retired: 101
Number of Diocesan Priests: 286
Religious priests in Diocese: 229
Total priests in Diocese: 515
Extern priests in diocese: 8

Permanent deacons: 149

Parishes: 222
with resident Dio Pastor: 159
with resident religious priest pastor: 20

Without resident pastor:
admin by priest: 37
admin by deacon: 1
admin by women religious: 2
admin by lay people: 3

Total seminarians, as of start of 2007-08 school year: 34
Seminarians within diocese: 30 (all at Mount St. Mary's Seminary)
outside diocese: 4 (in college at Josephinum)

Just for fun:

One seminarian per 6.5 parishes, roughly
One seminarian per 8.33 diocesan priests, roughly

Total Catholic Population: 498,493
One seminarian per 14,661.56 Catholics

Anything else that I should include?


Barb said...

Wow Father....more than I expected to find out...hehe..thank you!! We all need to keep praying.
You spent a summer at St. Jude in Bridgetown? I belong to St. Jude's. What summer were you there?

Father Kyle said...

I was there the summer of 2000, the summer that Fr. Mike Hay first moved there.

Barb said...

I remember Fr.Hay but I, unfortunately, don't remember you being here...I guess you must have kept pretty lowkey.
Thank you again, Father, for all of the numbers.

Jackie said...

Hey Fr. - You probably need to be careful with your titles. FUN WITH STATISTICS!! I know people that upon reading that - would break out into hives, begin twitching and then run from the room!

Father Kyle said...


I was pretty quiet that summer, really just living there and working somewhere else to make ends meet for the coming school year.


Projecting a weakness of yours onto others, perhaps? ;)

Jackie said...


I have many weaknesses - math is NOT one of them. Mercy - Yes! Math - No!

A Simple Sinner said...

I wonder where that leaves Cinci in the national standing. The Diocese of Steubenville was #10 in ratio of seminarians to Catholics...

I listed the top 12 here:

Counting Blessings

But I cannot find my original source. It has been pointed out to me that my statistics are at least three years old though. I can't be bothered to wrestle with all the HTML in that post to correct an archive post.

Chances are, the picture is better than that still anyway.

I operate out of Columbus and had a chance to meet some of the PCJ collegiates last weekend. (Ironically, in the church of the Greek Orthodox parish here - they were visiting the Labord Day Weekend Greek Festival!)

VERY impressed with the quality of guys.

The future is bright.

I will keep them in my prayers.