Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Maria Himmelfahrt

Yes, today is the Celebration of Maria Himmelfahrt in the land of my forefathers. (Literally, Mary's Journey to Heaven, but I just love the name, ;) )

I spent the summer of 1998 in Bavaria studying German with the Goethe Institut, and the parish in Prien am Chiemsee was dedicated to Maria Himmelfahrt as well. It was a gorgeous church, with the 'new' church being built in, I think, the 1600's! (The old chapel was still standing and is now the baptistry.) The best one, tho, was St. Jakob's Kirche in Urschalling which dated to the 900's!

So far, nearly all of my ecclesiastical life has been associated with either a person or event from Biblical times: raised at Immaculate Conception in Botkins, college seminary at the Josephinum (even if the college chapel is to St. Pius X), major seminary at Mount St. Mary's Seminary, Internship at St. John the Baptist in Dry Ridge, spent summers at St. Jude's and Queen of Peace, first assignment at Our Lady of the Visitation and now in residence at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral. One thing sticks out to me: Mary's mark is definitively on my priesthood. (My call to priesthood was first felt during visits to Our Lady's Farm in Falmouth , Kentucky.)

In related news, this is also my sister's birthday! Of course, being born on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, mom and dad being raised in devout Catholic families, and the town having a good cultural Catholicism, her name is..... Tania. And her middle name? yep, you guessed it: Kay.


I am pretty sure that Fr. Bastian baptized her Tania Kay Marie, tho, cause that's what mom would always yell when she (rarely) got in trouble.

Anyways, Tania, Happy Birthday, SIS! You know I love you and wish you the best. (Of course, you realize I am praying for Alex to go to the priesthood, but he's got a while to get there.) (He's what, six months old? Never too early to start praying for that, I say!)


Jackie said...

Well Father - how do you explain your teaching assignment at Elder - just how does that fit into the theme? Panthers maybe are a symbol of something...

Your family stories always make me smile - clearly you FIT IN very well!! Number 1!!

Father Kyle said...

Hmm... Elder... First Diocesan High School in the Archdiocese... Patron Saint: Saint Henry... hmmm... Exception that proves the rule?

Berolinensis said...

Father, if you love MariƤ Himmelfahrt and the Bavarian artwork that goes with it, perhaps you will like the high Altar of the abbey Church at Rohr, which is possibly my favourite in this regard:
Greetings form the German capital!