Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Prayer Request

Friday afternoon, please keep Eric B. in your prayers.

Eric is currently a senior at St. X high school, and is undergoing a second round of battling against a brain tumor. He is scheduled to have surgery to remove the water around the tumor Friday afternoon before starting radiation next week.

Eric is a great kid, and was an inspiration when he faced a similar situation two years ago. He maintained a great sense of humor and joy even during his most difficult days. I remember visiting him to bring him communion shortly after he returned home and he was cracking jokes and getting everyone to laugh and smile.

Please pray that through the skills of his doctors and nurses, that he may make a full recovery and be back sharing his joy with all the world soon.

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barb said...

I'll be sure to say a prayer for him Father...we lost our 9 year old nephew to brain cancer just a year ago and know how difficult those surgeries can be.