Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A father grows to support his daughter's vocation

Over at Roman Catholic Vocations, the faithful servant has posted a wonderful article/letter written by the father of a recent entrant to the Sisters for Life in New York City.

It speaks of the turmoil that families often go through as one of their own leaves behind the cares of the world and enters the priesthood or religious life. My own family shared this journey as I started the seminary, and for those who might be struggling to accept a son or daughter's vocation, I highly encourage you to read this father's realization of the blessings that can come from having a priest or religious in the family.


Anonymous said...

I will be entering a monastery as I discern a vocation to contemplative monastic life next month and my parents (both practicing Catholics) are having a very difficult time accepting this. Thank-you for this post and please pray for those of us who face opposition from our families as we seek to do God's will. Pray for our parents as well that their eyes would be opened to the beauty of a religious vocation.

Father Kyle said...

Dear Anon,

You will certainly be in my prayers as you begin this journey. I was very fortunate that my family was supportive of my journey, but not all in the seminary were. It is much easier to go through formation when you have the support from home. I will also keep your family in my prayers, that they may come around to support your journey.