Friday, August 24, 2007

SHHH!!! (Don't tell my mother!)

I've gone all domestic and stuff!

We've had a number of water leaks into the ceiling here at the Cathedral rectory lately, and painting is in the works. The Dining Room was particularly hard hit and needed a fresh coat of color on top and the walls. (Unfortunately they picked the same boring color that it was before.) Well, remember that there used to be eight resident priests and this was also the place to entertain quite a number of other priests as well, so we have a pretty large hutch in the dining room full of glassware, and I mean FULL of glassware. The ever talented maintenance men were planning on painting around said hutch, when I screamed NO! "But we can't move that thing with all that glassware in it!" Not a problem, be taken care of by the morning.

So, Wednesday evening was spent moving and washing glassware. For THREE HOURS! (Yeah, told you there were lots of glasses, at least 200+)

Thursday was painting day, and since I am out of the office today, I spent about two hours this morning cleaning the hutch (wanted to get all of those little dust rings taken care of before replacing all those glasses) and sorting and refilling that massive piece of furniture.

All the work, the pastor says: "Hey, I noticed that some of those glasses were in different spots, could you put them back in the right spot?"

Oh, I will get him back, trust me!


Jackie said...

Father - you're mother READS your blog!! The list of things to do will be different when you go home, now!

Father Kyle said...


I know she reads the blog, but usually only when I send her the specific link. Also, I don't think she has figured out how to actually post a response, so I think I'm pretty safe at this point. Plus, she's away from the computer for the weekend.

Kurt said...

Hey, Father,
Peggy wants photographic proof.

She doesn't believe you, in other words.

Jackie said...

Hey Kurt - you know that pictures can be doctored - what with photoshop and all. I think the only way you'll know for sure is for the good Father to DEMONSTRATE - the next time he comes to visit!!

Kurt. said...

Yeah, but I know Father well enought that I doubt his abilities to accurately doctor a photo using photoshop. My wife equally doubts his abilities to clean, hence the need of photgraphic evidence. He doesn't have a trip planned out here, so we have to settle for the photo.

Father Kyle said...

Kurt, Pegster and Jackie,

No photographic evidence exists, of that I can assure you!

And this was a one time deal, not happening again!