Thursday, August 9, 2007

Grateful for Gifts Received

I was honored to be asked by Archbishop Pilarczyk to submit an article for his Grateful Believers series in the Catholic Telegraph. My submission appears in this week's CT and can be found over at the Seminarian Blog:

You learn very quickly as a priest that your life is one of gratitude; after all, your way of life is supported by the generosity of others. However, you also begin to realize that the call to be a priest is not only one that you do not deserve, but is also one that has been freely given by God, so that you, as a priest, may serve Him more completely.

As a side note, there are also two great articles on Priest Chaplains in the Army. A retired Army friend of mine is always quick to point out that the only chaplains who have received the Congressional Medal of Honor were Catholic Priests, as they gave their life for their men and women. We've had a number of priests from the Archdiocese who have served as Chaplains, and they certainly come back changed and invigorated by their time with America's service men and women.

For a list of the four Catholic Chaplains who have been awarded the Medal of Honor, see here.

God Bless to all of our military chaplains, as well as to all of our soldiers!


Jackie said...

And the reason for the all Catholic priest team is that priests are not only chaplains, but FATHERS and must be there - in person - to provide the Sacraments - particularly the Eucharist, Confession and Last Rites.

There is NOTHING more inspiring than seeing a Special Forces soldier or Ranger walk up to a priest - walk away together - GET ON HIS KNEES and you know that he is confessing his sins. OR seeing them on their knees - in the dirt - receiving Our Lord. And only by having priests right there - can these things happen.

barb said...

Wonderful article, Father... I was also very interested to know that the only chaplains to receive the Medal of Honor were priests.
God bless!!