Thursday, August 30, 2007

Go Notre Dame!

From Lance McAllister:

Stat of the day...are you kidding me?
That number represents the number of NCAA Division I teams that have won a bowl game since Notre Dame has last won a bowl game...'94 Cotton Bowl. (From ESPN's College Football preview last night)

Is this an anti-Catholic post?

I will start rooting for them in a year when Kyle Rudolph gets there, but until then GO BUCKS!!


Anonymous said...

Nick says that when Notre Dame plays a schedule that includes Youngstown State, Akron, and Kent State and a weak big ten schedule they will win a National Championship.

P.S. he had this to offer:
11 National Championships
7 Heisman Trophy winners
2 most winningest coaches in NCAA history
Countless Hall of Famers
99 All Americans
and one Touchdown Jesus!!!

Lizzie says Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame, wake up the echoes cheering her name, send a volley cheer on high, shake down the thunder from the sky, although the odds be great or small old Notre Dame will win overall, while her loyal sons are marching onward to victory.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to add my two cents in


Love your big sis and Notre Dame fan!!!

Father Kyle said...

Who loves ya, Trace???

But with all those stats, the question arises: what have you done for me lately?

Anonymous said...

I'll that I have to say is that Kayla finally says:


Don't ask what she says about the Irish!


Father Martin Fox said...

Dear Father Kyle:

I hope Our Lady will overlook your lack of enthusiasm for her team...