Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Updates, and more updates

Over at the seminary blog, we have posted short bios of the new men for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, as well as status of the building at Mount St. Mary's Seminary, ala Taco Bell: "IT's FULL!!!"

We are in a good situation here in Cincinnati, but I still want to double our number of seminarians from 34 to 70, and we're working hard to get there, but it might take some time.


UPDATE: Rich Leonardi sends word that the Archdiocese of Hotlanta has 50 seminarians, from 95 parishes with already 262 (!!!) priests! Hey, fellas, share the wealth!

(I think I have a phone call to make to see what's happening down in the Bible Belt that we can replicate up in this area...)

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barb said...

Perhaps you have mentioned this before and I've missed it, but how many priests and parishes do we have in our archdiocese in comparison to the 34 seminarians?
Hope you've had a good day, Father!