Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Dangers of Flying

lurk most in the 'seat companion,' ie: who's flying next to you.

Wearing clerics, you automatically open up new avenues for conversation, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Luckily, on my flight to Baltimore from CVG, I had a very sweet old lady next to me, and it was a joy to speak with her. She was celebrating her 92! birthday, and with three of her nieces, she was returning home after a week's cruise on the American Queen, originating in Chatanooga and sailing down the Tenneesee River before coming up the Ohio to Cincinnati. She said she had a wonderful time, and I hope I am in as good of shape at 80 as she is at 92!

As she sat down, she asked me if I was 'clergy,' which I obviously agreed to. She admitted that she was a life long Methodist (I didn't hold it against her ;) ) God Bless her, and keep her in good health.

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