Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Did you know?

(Snarky comments by the author in red)

ALABAMA ... Was the first place to have 9-1-1, started in 1968.
ALASKA ... One out of every 64 people has a pilot's license.
ARIZONA ... Is the only state in the continental U.S. that doesn't follow Daylight Savings time.
ARKANSAS ... Has the only active diamond mine in the U.S. Do they have an Ice Road, too?
CALIFORNIA ... Its economy is so large that if it were a country, it would rank seventh in the entire world. If only...
COLORADO ... In 1976 it became the only state to turn down the Olympics.
CONNECTICUT ... The Frisbee was invented here at Yale University.
DELAWARE ... Has more scientists and engineers than any other state. ugh, boring!
FLORIDA ... At 759 square miles, Jacksonville is the U.S.'S largest city.
GEORGIA ... It was here, in 1886, that pharmacist John Pemberton made the first vat of Coca-Cola.
HAWAII ... Hawaiians live, on average, five years longer than residents in any other state. Do they need priests there?
IDAHO ... TV was invented in Rigby, Idaho, in 1922.
ILLINOIS ... The Chicago River is dyed green every St. Patrick's Day. So why not blue the rest of the year?
INDIANA ... Home to Santa Claus, Indiana, which get a half million letter to Santa every year. Raise your hand if you've been there! (Raises hand)
IOWA ... Winnebagos get their name from Winnebago County. Also it is the only state that begins with two vowels. Iowa, what a corny state!
KANSAS ... Liberal, Kansas, has an exact replica of the house in The Wizard of Oz.
KENTUCKY ... Has more than $6 billion in gold underneath Fort Knox.
LOUISIANA ... Has parishes instead of counties because they were originally Spanish church units. Wasn't it French?
MAINE ... It's so big, it covers as many square miles as the other five New England states combined.
MARYLAND ... The Oujia board was created in Baltimore in 1892. not good!
MASSACHUSETTS ... The Fig Newton is named after Newton, Massachusetts.
MICHIGAN .. Fremont, home to Gerber, is the baby food capital of the world. Ann Arbor, home to the team with the biggest loss ever in Division IA football! (I will NEVER tire of that one!)
MINNESOTA ... Bloomington's Mall of America is so big, if you spent 10 minutes in each store, you'd be there nearly four days. (which is about how long it takes to get on the roller coasters, too.)
MISSISSIPPI ... President Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear here ... that's how the teddy bear got its name.
MISSOURI ... Is the birthplace of the ice cream cone.
MONTANA .. A sapphire from Montana is the Crown Jewels of England.
NEBRASKA ... More triplets are born here than in any other state. Inbreeding? (HEY, there's a fine line between pure breeding and inbreeding!)
NEVADA ... Has more hotel rooms than any other place in the world.
NEW HAMPSHIRE ... Birthplace of Tupperware invented in 1938 by Earl Tupper.
NEW JERSEY ... Has the most shopping malls in one area in the world. YIKES!
NEW MEXICO ... Smokey the Bear was rescued from a 1950 forest fire here.
NEW YORK ... Is home to the nation's oldest cattle ranch, started in 1747 in Montauk.
NORTH CAROLINA . Home of the first Krispy Kreme doughnut. Now that's something to be known for!
NORTH DAKOTA .. Rugby, North Dakota, is the exact geographic center of North America.
OHIO .. The hot dog was invented here in 1900. All the good things Ohioans have done, and this is the best they could come up with?
OKLAHOMA ... The grounds of the state capital are covered by operating oil wells.
OREGON ... Has the most ghost towns in the country.
PENNSYLVANIA ... The smiley, :) was first used in 1980 by computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University.
RHODE ISLAND . The nation's oldest bar, the White Horse Tavern, opened here in 1673. Road trip?
SOUTH CAROLINA ... Sumter County is home to the world's largest gingko farm.
SOUTH DAKOTA ... Is the only state that's never had an earthquake.
TENNESSEE ... Nashville's Grand Ole Opry is the longest running live radio show in the world.
TEXAS... Dr. Pepper was invented in Waco back in 1885. WACO=We Aint Coming Out!
UTAH ... The first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant opened here in 1952. and home to America's most powerful wackos!
VERMONT... Montpelier is the only state capital without a McDonald's. and the last state in the Union to get a Wal Mart
VIRGINIA ... Home of the world's largest office building ... The Pentagon. with its own subway station.
WASHINGTON . Seattle has twice as many college graduates as any other state. all high on caffine
WASHINGTON D.C. ... Was the first planned capital in the world. That's planned? scary
WEST VIRGINIA ... Had the world's first brick paved street, Summers Street, laid in Charleston in 1870. Who said West Virginia was backwards?
WISCONSIN . The ice cream sundae was invented here in 1881 to get around Blue Laws prohibiting ice cream from being sold on Sundays.
WYOMING... Was the first state to allow women to vote.



Father Martin Fox said...

Count me in for the road trip to Rhode Island. That would be state #41.

Adoro te Devote said...

The MOA in Bloomington ~ Who would WANT to spend 10 min in every store? I lived close to the MOA for several years so did lots of shopping there, went on rides, ate at restaurants, etc. It's a mall.

Do you know people literally plan vacations around this mall? Ridiculous.

Seriously. Yeah, it can be fun and there are some novel things, but after a couple hours it becomes very tiring.

A Simple Sinner said...

Father, the Hawaiins certainly do need priests!

Something I wrote last month:


The Diocese of Honalulu has the lowest seminarian to Catholic ratio in the nation. (Maybe they don't need them because they are chok-full-o-priests???)

So I would say you should get fitted for a wet-suit, buy a surf board, have a few Hawaian clerical shirts made, and give the Honalulu chancery a call.

A Simple Sinner said...

"OHIO .. The hot dog was invented here in 1900"

Never mind flight....

I mean, I eat hot dogs more often then I fly or get elected president...

So being the birthplace of aviation or the mother of presidents must come in second and third...

(As a son of NW Ohio, I am far prouder of Danny Thomas and St. Jude's Children hospital than I am hot dogs... But take some consolation, at least we were not credited with being the "birthplace of Katie Holmes"!!!)

A Simple Sinner said...

"VERMONT... Montpelier is the only state capital without a McDonald's"

I don't get it.

How do the fine folks of Montpelier keep their weight up?