Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Updates

After a busy/crazy week, I'm back in the Nati and trying to get caught up on any number of things.

Events coming up for me include the Catholic Young Adult Conference at Good Shepherd Parish next Saturday. I am leading the retreat portion of the event.

There are a number of discernment events happening at the two seminaries we patronize with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. If interested, register at the Vocation Office page.

Theology on Tap Cincinnati is planning a Fall Refresher Beer Tasting towards the end of October. (It is not yet up on the website, but should be there soon. Anyway, register for email updates!)

To go along with that, I found a great new blog at Catholic Beer Review. I want to get in to home brewing, but have not the time nor expertise. Perhaps soon...

A Thorn in the Pew could use some extra prayers at the miscarriage of her child.

Oh, and a wedding this evening.

And I need to get out to see my brother sometime soon so Kayla doesn't forget what I look like!

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Kayla said...

Who are you again?