Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's gonna be a good day, Tator!

A review of my Saturday:

I had the eight am Mass at Holy Name, Mt. Auburn, before the rosary procession down to Planned (un)Parenthood. (For an example of PP supporters, see Sally in the comments of this post.) I do the first Saturday of the month, and this was the largest crowd that I have seen at this Mass. It is a great witness and prayer support, for the Mt. Auburn abortion mill actually does perform this atrocity on these Saturdays. (A side note, Helpers of God's Precious Infants now has Mass at Holy Name on the first four Saturdays a month, 8 AM, with a rotating schedule of priests.)

Instead of leading the rosary, I stayed back to hear confessions and let Deacon Jason Bedel (to be ordained a priest this coming May) lead the rosary. I was busy with confessions during the entire 20 decade rosary and up through Benediction. I had to cut it off so that I could get back downtown for Mass at the Cathedral! (Who says this is a dying Sacrament?!??!)

The 11:30 Mass was a little sparsely attended (they all went to the earlier Mass?) and the confession schedule was light here at the Cathedral, (my shift is from noon to 1:30) as usually happens when there is a 1:30 wedding. So I got some reading done and nearly finished another string rosary.

After confessions were over, I made my way back upstairs to watch a little college football. At the half, OSU was up big, and other games were going well. As it turns out, the scores were all great!:

OSU 38, Youngstown State 6
Evil Empire 32, Appalachian State 34!!!
Georgia Tech 33, Notre Dame 3!
Akron 22, Army 14 (sorry, Jackie)
Purdue 52, Toledo 24

And then I open the paper this morning, and Elder gets a big win in the Herbstriet Ohio vs. USA challenge!

What a perfect Saturday!

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