Friday, September 7, 2007

I wasn't there last night...

(at least if anyone asks) but the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter had the dedication and blessing of Sts. Philomena and Cecelia Catholic Church in Oak Forrest, Indiana. (Oak Forrest is 6 miles outside of Batesville, which is almost as bad as using Botkins, Ohio, as a landmark!)

As is usual, the crowd attending was NOT old timers reliving their youth. It was primarily young families, lots of children, and happy moms and dads. It was an inspiring sight to see.

The Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis did the blessing before the Solemn High Mass began. We processed around the outside of the Church first, dousing the place with holy water. After we made our way inside, the interior got a good shot of it as well. The cantor and schola did a marvelous job intoning the psalms and litany of saints.

Fr. Gerard Saguto, FSSP, was the main celebrant for the Mass, as he is administrator of the parish. (He was in the seminary in Cincinnati for a short time before joining the order, hence my connection and invitation.) He certainly knows the Rite well and performed it with all due reverence. I admit, I had to work to follow along. His associate and an FSSP priest down from Indianapolis served as Deacon and Subdeacon.

The homily was delivered by a professor of Fr. Saguto's from Christendom College. He clearly, and scholarly, laid out a strong ecclesiology. I should've been taking notes! (My ecclesiology professor happened to be in attendance as well, oh wait, he wasn't there either!)

My congratulations to Fr. Saguto and the people of Southeast Indiana. It was a very dignified and solemn celebration, but one marked with extreme joy. I was glad to attend.


Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you last night.

Been a long time reader of this blog. It was good to put a face with a name.


Anonymous said...

Oak Forest is actually 6 miles outside BROOKVILLE Indiana, Batesville is 15 miles to the southwest.

At least you found it.

Don't be a stranger.


A Simple Sinner said...

You weren't where? I didn't see nothing here or there or nowhere! What are you even talking about?

But if I did know,(which I don't) and if you were there, (which you weren't)...

Would you or someone (who is NOT you) know where pictures of that dedication there (wherever that is) could be found?