Wednesday, September 12, 2007


As a priest (and one who was not directly affected by the tragedies of that fateful day), this is still the most enduring image of 9/11: firefighters and medics carrying the body of their spiritual father, Fr. Micheal Judge, out of the rubble. They carried him to a nearby church and laid him on the altar, an image of Christ on such a hatefilled day.

Seeing this image, hearing the stories of the martyrs that gave their lives, I always wonder if I would have the strength to follow them, to pay the ultimate price, as they did. I guess you never know until you face that situation.

I blatantly ripped the photo from Rocco's Whispers in the Loggia.

For another priest's reaction to the events of that day, see Fr. Jay's thoughts from just across the state line in NJ.

For another priest who gave his life, and whose cause for canonization has been introduced, see those lovable neaderthals at Catholic Cavemen.

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Tony-Allen said...

I had never heard of him until now, but I'm glad I've been educated. There are many unsung heroes of that day.