Saturday, September 8, 2007

Yeah, post 200!

And I'll take advantage to answer a few things and highlight some of my favorites from the past.

Brookville, Batesville, really, what's the difference? (Sorry, my mistake in the previous post.)

For pictures of the event, I don't know where to go. I didn't have a camera, put I heard quite a few shutter clicks and a number of flashbulbs. I am sure they are somewhere, I'll look around.

Adoro, that's exactly what needs to happen in every parish: have a culture of vocations in which the idea keeps coming up, in various ways, with things to put in the hands of the youngsters. We have somethings working in the vocation office that will come to light in due time. For other ideas, see this post.

So, who has the number to the chancery in Honolulu?

Matt, I heard Deacon Bedel on the radio Friday morning as I was getting ready for Mass. I thought he did really well. Is that going to be the normal time that this segment runs?

I spoke with Eric's father after morning Mass on Thursday. He seems to be doing well, and came through the surgery ok. He begins radiation treatments this coming week, so he is still in great need of prayers. I stopped by his house on Thursday afternoon, but alas, he was sleeping and his mother was down the street. He is a great kid, and is a facing a very difficult situation with much grace. Keep it going, kiddo!

My mother called this morning to let me know that my cousin Matt and his wife Stacey had their twins (gifts from God!) yesterday. Both babies (boy and girl) are doing well, but Stacey had some difficulty during the delivery and had some serious blood loss. She's in ICU right now, but hopefully will be back on the Maternity ward shortly.

For a longer article on why there is a male clergy in the Catholic Church, see here.

A day that will always stick in my brain, and in my prayers see these two posts.

In a theme from the Archbishop, I am grateful for the wonderful people in my life who give me some much needed guidance and support for the vocation office. I am especially grateful for the priests who helped me to realize my vocation.

I think that should keep everyone busy! GO BUCKS!

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