Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back home again, in Ohio?

Really, didn't travel out of state today, unless you count the west side of Cincinnati. Their own little world all to themselves!

This morning, I had the all school Mass at St. Jude's. I've rarely had the opportunity to have the all school Masses as a priest, first two years I was teaching whenever they had Mass at the parish, and now not really in a parish, so it was a fun time this morning. Please, preaching about how Jonah gets all mad and stuff at God is great fun!

We finished up the Vocation Awareness Week materials today, and sent them off to the web firm to get loaded up on the website. By Monday, they will be good to go!

Mass this evening at the Cathedral, how often do you get to quote and talk about someone really getting fired up mad at God? Wow, Jonah really was going strong! "Yes, God, I have a RIGHT to be mad as heck at YOU! I knew You were all good and loving, and I can't stand this stupid Ninevites! BLOW EM UP! LOOK AT EM< THEY'RE PAGANS!!!!"

Whew, I'll take "How not to be a Prophet for $1000, Alex."

Why did Jonah blow it? What is wrong with what he said? Simply, he never embraced the role of the prophet, he never accepted his calling as one who was to stand between God and His people, calling them back into relationship. Jonah didn't want to see the Ninevites return to God. He wanted to see them blown to smithereens! As a prophet, he should rejoice when they repent, not become jealous. That's where he blew it the biggest.

I think it has repercussions for priests, as well. We get so used to being the center of attention, we get so used to people doing what we say, we forget that we are there to serve God, not ourselves. When Bishop Moeddel was ordained a bishop, one of his new fellows came up to him and said: "Get used to not hearing the truth." People only tell us what they want us to hear, and when we get criticized, it is easy to take it as a personal insult. Or, we see a new priest take all the glory, or someone steals my thunder, and who's he?!?!?!

Go back to Jonah and learn from the via negativa. Compare him (or Jeremiah or Elijah, for that matter) with Isaiah (and Elisha). These two remain faithful and true to the call that God has given to them, and as a result the country flourishes.

The important thing for priests is to remain faithful and true to God. Let all the other stuff sort itself out.

One last note, big thanks to Mary and family for dinner tonight. I greatly appreciate it, and Kateri is just too cute. God Bless!

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