Friday, October 12, 2007

Grateful for Gifts

Anonomous gifts. Never expected, sometimes dreaded, perhaps stunning (although that can be a rarity!)

I had an all school Mass at McNicholas High School this morning. Nothing extraordinary about that.

But, since Mass ended a little before noon, I headed next door to the seminary for lunch. (Membership has its priveledges.)

As I'm heading through the line, Jim stops me and says: "Hey, someone dropped off a painting for you last night while I was working in the library. It's up in my room, get it after lunch?"

(Cut to Father scratching his head...) Jim: "Oh, he thought you lived here and didn't seem to inclined to driving downtown." Right.... Father's getting nervous at this point.

Maybe I should explain. I've gotten art work in the past that reflected the giver's taste, but I wouldn't hang it in a closet in a spare bedroom! So, anytime something shows up, especially when unexpected, I always get a bit nervous.

Luckily, my nerves were unfounded. It was a good size, limited edition (#6 of 1,200!), print of Pope Benedict XVI. It was framed in a very nice frame, too! The card was signed: "You are such a blessing to spreading the faith and promoting vocations to the Church. God Bless and all your work." Unfortunately, I can't read the signature, but I greatly appreciate it.

Now my biggest concern is where to hang it, hmmm....


cordelia said...

how about on the door of your office...:>

Father Schnippel said...

Unfortunately, it is too big to hang anywhere in my office, as the bare walls (those without shelves) are too narrow to hang it.

hmm.. maybe the hallway outside my office???

a thorn in the pew said...

You will probably find a perfect place when the time comes. Treasured things are like that.