Friday, October 19, 2007

Blogging in Botkins

It might be a little quiet around here the next few days. I'm back home at my parents today and Saturday for a short visit. My brother Kurt is in town from Iowa for his brother-in-law's wedding, and my goddaughter (and niece) turns two, so a birthday party is in the works as well.

Sunday is back to the Nati for a Mass before running to Columbus for Jesus Jams and a visit to the Josephinum to see our college seminarians. The whirlwind tour concludes with a stop in Centerville for the annual priest's convocation. Tuesday evening is an engaged couple back at the Cathedral. (My fee is that their first son has to go to the seminary.) I'm gonna be exhausted by that point, I have a feeling.

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barb said...

Yikes Father!!! I'm tired just reading this. Hope you have a blessed time this weekend.