Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Online Discernment?

With many communities experiencing fewer numbers of inquirers and entrants, more are turning to a stronger presence on the web to promote their own unique story. From the Louisviller Courier Journal, comes the story of Ron Schultz who has recently joined up with Gethsamani in Kentucky after searching through a website. You have to admit, the mixing of 21st Century technology and a medieval lifestyle are interesting to say the least.

The service he used?

They run a survey asking about interests and desires, and match those up with prospective communities that serve in those areas. So far, they have had over 19,000 respondants, oh and their budget is purely supported through benefactors, mainly dioceses and communities that use them for referral.

If you are thinking about religious life but are not sure where to get started, they provide an excellent service.

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