Monday, June 2, 2008

The Bishops speak

on women's ordination.

While it is now ten years old, it is still pertinent.

Find answers to these questions:

1) What is the Catholic Church's teaching on priestly ordination concerning women?

2) What does it mean to say that a teaching 'belongs to the deposit of the faith'?

3) What are some of the Church's reasons for this teaching?

4) Is it arbitrary for the Church to limit ordination to men?

5) What is the Scriptural authority behind this teaching?

6) Did Christ's decision to choose only men as Apostles depend on the cultural circumstances of the time?

7) What theological debate and discussion has led to the Church's position on this issue?

8) Since the Church teaches that men and women are equal in dignity, is it just to exclude women from priestly ordination?

9) What about women who feel called to the priesthood?

10) Does this teaching create a challenge in the Church's relationship with other Christians?


Anonymous said...

Father I must be one of the "absolute unique visitors" LOL!

Anonymous said...

My only disappointment with this doc. is that it fails to say that women who feel a call to the priesthood need and deserve sound spiritual direction. And to be blunt, that needs to be available to young women--it was certainly an issue for me that the Church didn't ordain women by the time I was 12. No one was offering the explanations & willingness to listen to my questions that I needed. It's not just a matter of proper catechesis ('though that's important, too). I was recently floored to read in John Paul II's "Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way" his call for spiritual direction of children. Yes!