Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A different approach,

same conclusion:

A Sociologist on Women's Ordination from Inside Catholic

For if women were to be ordained, they would soon -- within 50 years, I'd guess -- become overwhelmingly predominant in the priesthood. Female priests would outnumber male priests by ten or 20 to one, if not more. Catholicism would be perceived, and correctly so, not just as a "feminine" religion but as a female religion. Males would pretty much abandon it.


Adoro said...

I would say that's true. And in a lot of parishes, that's exactly what's happened with altar servers and other roles for the laity.

Just sayin'

Adrienne said...

That would be a correct statement. I agree with Adoro. Where are the men in leadership rolls in the church?

uncle jim said...

It isn't that men won't lead

It is more that most men won't lead when women do.

If men are not pushed a little to assume their role, like because "Oh, well ... if he's not interested, I know some women who are", men will 'let the women do it.

I don't know why that is so, I only know I believe it to be that way.

Padre Steve said...

I would agree with her point. Sadly it is difficult already to attract men to the activities of the Church. We can see the same trend with altar servers. When I was a boy there were 36 boys who served... and today it is mostly all girls. The boys tend to like to do things that are for them. I rely on the wisdom of the Church in all of this. God bless! Padre Steve

adoro said...

I would say that there is a good general consensus on this!

And Uncle Jim is right...the YM at work and I have also made this observation. So, on our own, we kind of make it a policy to try to get the guys in on stuff first. If I have to find altar servers, I ask the boys first. (Although if I'm asking a boy and a girl overhears and volunteers when the boy says he can't or something, well, I can't turn the girl down in that case!) But other than that...we go for the guys. And if they think something is "girlish" like maybe, VBS, I point out the heavy lifting needed to prepare. Even if it's something women can do, I have no problem saying it's too difficult or simply that it's a guy's job. And they light right up and are ready to step in!

Oh, my...we're being manipulative, aren't we? But what else can we do?

I'm hoping our new Bishop phases out girl servers and institutes boys only.

Anonymous said...

I have the fortune of being in a parish which only allows for boy alter servers. And there are plenty to be had, too! We have no shortage, of boys ranging in age from 9-17. No girls "needed."

It wouldn't be a very big leap to go from ordaining women priests to the next gripe that "these dear women only want to fulfill their God-given nature and be MOTHERS, too."

Don't LET the women get their hands on this, Men! No matter what you have to face at home, work or play. Buck up! Some lines are NEVER to be crossed, period. If you suffer for doing what is right, that's a good thing.

Kitt said...

The comments to this post make me so very happy I rejected Catholicism when I married. (My husband was raised Catholic. I told him conversion was a deal-breaker for me.) Honestly, why would any WANT to be part of an organization whose directors clearly think we're inferior to men?

Kat said...


The Catholic church does not believe that women are inferior to men, just that women have different roles in home and ministerial life then men. A woman cannot be a father in the home neither can she be a spiritual father in the church which is what our priests are. I used to be of the bent that was pro ordination of women, now I am not because I understand priesthood isn't about power it is about spiritual fatherhood and service. Trust me when I say I would stand in protest if the church ever tried to ordain a woman.