Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Did you happen to notice?

Driving north on I-71 out of downtown Cincinnati, look to the right just past the Gilbert Ave. on ramp. You will see the new Humana building, with an extension of the jobsite right up to the side of the interstate. A new parking garage structure is mostly complete. As of last weekend, I noticed a new job trailer sitting nearly on the median of the highway, with a big 'Schnippel Construction, Inc.' sign on the side.

Yep, my family. Dad's company is putting in a new hotel on top of the garage.

Just think, that might mean that dad will be within two miles of my office!

What's the over/under on the number of times he actually calls to meet for lunch and/or dinner? So far it is one. I'm thinking if we hit five, it'll be lucky.

(Love ya, dad!)


Anonymous said...

You know Keith will also be attending weekly job meetings. What do you think is the chance you can get him to do the lunch thing.

Lots of Love

Anonymous said...

I think that you should be so busy trying to get the seminary filled up that you won't have time for Lunch with your brother.

It could also work that you call to set up a time to go out to lunch.....

Keith (your brother)

Father Schnippel said...


I'm thinking Keith (my older brother) stopping by for lunch is about as likely snowball reaching it's year's birthday in the underworld!

(Prove me wrong, bro!)

Anonymous said...



uncle jim said...

we've got mother's day


we've got father's day

and i think

we need a brother's day


a sister's day

- - - - - - - - -

i, who resides in east-central IN, was in memphis TN this past weekend for my nephew's ordination.

i was with my older brother [father of the ordinand] and he resides there in memphis.

i was also with a younger brother who made the trip from toledo ohio.

it was great!

and one out of four sisters made the trip from somewhere in southern louisiana.
- - - - - - - - -
the moral of the story is we gotta get together more often ... not just for weddings and funerals and ordinations and graduations, but just for the 'heck' of it.

anyone agree?

Anonymous said...

I think your brother & father should call you every day just to SEE if you you're available... LOL

Hmmm...what's on my schedule for today??? Call Fr. Schnippel!
Anon --