Sunday, June 29, 2008

Overheard in the Sacristy

Priest: You know this chasuble, you know that this is a chasuble, right?

Unsuspecting Server: Um, sure, yeah, I knew that

P: Sure you did, well this particular chasuble was given to me by my Godparents when I was ordained.

S: Ok (weird look on face)

P: Now, when your ordained, you know what to ask for from your Godparents!

S: Sure (nervously looking for the door)

Hey, it's been a while since that parish had a vocation, might was well bring it up!


uncle jim said...

For our nephew's ordination in Memphis 3 weeks ago, we got him a new stole.

It was hand made in Guatemala, where he spent 2 summers undergoing a Spanish language 'full-immersion' program.

The embroidery depicts Our Lady of Guadalupe on one side, and bouquets of roses on the other.

We had also given him an identical deacon's stole for his transitional deacon ordination - with instructions to pass it on to a deserving new deacon once his priestly ordination had taken place.

But we were not his Godparents, so no chasuble from us.

Theresa said...

Great! i think it's wonderful to hear that!
Now, I am not trying to cause trouble, but just wondering: Was there an altar girl present in the room at the time you planted this little seed in the altar boy? Would having an altar girl present there make you feel less like you can reach out in this way to a young man? I am just leading up here to a question for your consideration.
Some families in our parish have been requesting that their boys be scheduled to serve only with other boys. Since the first family began requesting that, many others have done the same and there has been a marked increase in them number of boys signing up for the ministry. Two of our sons are altar boys, and we are considering making that request in the scheduling for them. I have no idea if any of our sons are being called to the priesthood, but I like the idea that the altar boy ministry can be a seedbed for such a vocation -- but not so much if the girls are present, since the invitation to consider the priesthood cannot be extended to them.

Anonymous said...

We haven't seen an altar boy in months--all girls & the female sacristan. My boy will be old enough in a few yrs. & I'm already wondering about asking to have him scheduled with other boys only--if there are any.

Kasia said...

ROFL. How old was he, Father? Pre-teen, I'm guessing?

Rich Leonardi said...

How old was he, Father? Pre-teen, I'm guessing?

If it's the boy I'm thinking (and I could be wrong), he's 11.

Father Schnippel said...

No girls in the Sacristy at the time, and only two boys served that particular Mass, with one older gentleman. I pulled the same stunt after the second Mass I did at the same parish as well with a possible late junior high, maybe frosh in high school who was waiting for his siter to emerge from the sacristy.

It was the taller of the two, but 11 sounds about right.