Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cleaning out the file

Checking through the e-cabinet (otherwise known as an email inbox), comes two announcements.

First, earlier today, Mary Gibson, The Roamin' Roman and also of Veritatis Splendor, entered the cloistered community of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, a "traditional monastic community of women who desire to imitate the Blessed Virgin Mary in the giving of herself to God to fulfill His Will, especially in her role of assistance by prayer and work to the Apostles, first priests of the Catholic Church." I am quite sure that she would appreciate any prayers being sent her way. She has posted her contact info on her blogs. While her wisdom in St. Blogosphere's will certainly be missed, her prayers will encourage us all to live out our vocations. God Bless!

Today also marks the release of the monthly newsletter from Fr. Luke Mary Fletcher of the Conventual Franciscan's of the Renewal. Included are these words of wisdom:

This month we will continue our theme of human formation with a few words on accountability ... At death we will give an account to God concerning our entire life. Jesus sent the Apostles out two-by-two. Saint Francis sent the first friars out two-by-two in imitation of Christ. This was a system of accountability. A priest friend of mind recently told me that "Jesus sent them out in two's so that you always have someone around to tell you when you are getting weird!" Yes, sometimes our 3rd eye is blind (the ability to reflect on how I am being perceived).

Accountability is a great help in discerning your vocation. Regular confession and spiritual direction are practical practices in christian accountability. Being involved in some church group is also very helpful. We are our brother's keeper. Some men have enrolled in an internet angel program. These programs send an account of your internet use to a friend for accountability. No man is an island as they say ...

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That is great advice! Keep up the good work ...