Monday, June 2, 2008

The Power of the Internet

Did you know the internet can be used for good things, too?

We track hits and pageviews at to see what the most popular pages are. We get the data based on the last month, (but can customize it, too, one month to another, week to week, etc. Google Analytics is quite user friendly in that way.)

So, checking the five most popular pages in the last month:

1,577 visits
1,204 absolute unique visitors
4,473 pageviews
2.84 average pageviews per visitor

Top Five pages:

Main Page 1,038 pageviews (not really surprising)
Seminarians 237 pageviews
Religious Orders 228 pageviews
Parents of Seminarians 184 pageviews
Prayer Warriors 153 pageviews <-- in 5 days versus a month for the rest!

Keep pushing it out there!

Where do the visitors to 'Prayer Warriors' reside?

Cincinnati OH
Dayton OH
Covington KY
Fort Thomas KY
Fairfield OH
Lebanon OH
(not set) hmmm... never visited this place
Lake Forest
Terrace Park
West Chester
Botkins (hmm... who could that be?)
Cleves OH
Erlanger KY - 11 page views! CALL ME!
Fairfax Station
Ft. Mitchell KY
Hamilton OH
Lexington KY
Miamisburg OH
Painted Post (?)
Park Ridge
Seattle (Latte?)
Sioux City
St. Louis

One last factoid: traffic sources: how did you hear about the page?
Top 5:
Google Organic Search 463 visitors
Archdiocese of Cincinnati 334 visitors
Direct 231
Called by Name 94
Yahoo Organic Search 83

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