Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm too old for this

Yesterday was a first time effort on my part. (I seem to have lots of those, lately.)

My parents have a summer cottage on Indian Lake in western Ohio, near our home town. Well, the seminarians had been dinging me to have a 'summer gathering,' a chance to meet up outside the rigors of the seminary for fun and relaxation, a chance to catch up over the summer months.

While the good weather played peek-a-boo through the storm clouds, we did manage to get in a few trips on the boat, including some water skiing. Rob was up first, and struggled. New Father Jason was up next, nearly made it up, but gave up. Needing an example, they conned me into going next. Wait, this wasn't part of the deal, I'm the driver!

Knowing me to be the pushover that I am, they talked me into it. I made two fairly short runs, with spectacular wipeouts to end my day.

Those two wipeouts have now severely hampered my efforts today, though! My whole body hurts!


Wayne said...

Where's the proof? :)

Jackie said...

Father Kyle,

The issue here, is that you are able to be conned into these things. As a Mom - I have LONG AGO - figured out how to say NO - stick to it and noooooo amount of pressure - peer or otherwise - gets me to change!!

So - you're sore BUT you spent the day at the lake on a boat playing as part of work - hmmmm - having difficulty finding pity here!

Anonymous said...

that's ok, the pain was worth the comic value for the rest of us..

adoro said...

I haven't water skied since the summer after high school graduation!

What I'm really wondering, did you lower the level of the lake by ingesting the water in your crashes? Nothing like coming out of a good crash while snorting water out your nose!

Father Schnippel said...

Wayne, Jim has the proof on his camera, but I deleted all the pictures when he wasn't looking.

Jackie, I was expecting no mercy from you.

Andrew, hmmm.....

Adoro, In my many attempts at water skiing, I have learned to fall on my back if at all possible, the life jacket helps to soften the blow and no water up the nose!

Lillian Marie said...

Indian Lake??? No way! We went swimming there all the time - as well as Lake Saint Mary's and Winnona Lake. Small world!!!

Regarding water skiing - did you get out of the wake & back in at least??? (before you wiped out)

adoro said...

Father, be careful when falling on your back! I had one of my WORST crashes doing that!

I fell so hard and with such momentum that I literally got sucked under the water, rolled underwater, both of my skis were ripped off of my feet and when I finally came up, everything was full of water...I had to snort that stuff out with the reserves left in my lungs! (In looking back, I thank God I wasn't inhaling as I crashed..would have drowned.) :-(

And yes, I had a lifejacket on! It was a really really hard crash!

Um...I got in the boat after that, still shaking.

Glad that didn't happen to you!

Father Schnippel said...


How do you think I fell the first time? I was trying to show off and jump the wake coming back across more along the lines of being on a slalom ski when I hit the second wake and 'end-over-end' bests describes it.

Osgood said...

Thats why I go tubing instead. It is easier and a little bit safer.

adoro said...

osgood ~ Gotta disagree with you hardest and most painful crash happened when tubing. The water was like concrete! (now I know what a skipping rock feels

Ahh....the memories of watersports!

Osgood said...

lol, it all depends on if the guy driving the boat likes you or not lol.