Thursday, October 8, 2009

Action Alert in Chicago

Mayor Daily has instituted 'Bubble Zones' around Chicago's abortion mills, which would subject "pro-life advocates to a $500 fine for merely talking to women considering abortion outside an abortion facility."

How heinous is this? Even the ACLU has campaigned against this measure!

From the article: ACTION: Contact Mayor Daley at 312-744-3300 and members of the city council at


Corey said...
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Emily Macke said...

I was president of Students for Life at Franciscan when the Pittsburgh city council enforced bubble zone legislation. It was ridiculous how quickly they tried to railroad it in, and how crazy the stories that the abortion clinic made up to make it pass. At the time it was shocking to me how little press the situation was given, both locally and nationally.

Mikki said...

That seems like it would be restricting freedom of speech. People can say anything hateful or malicious in public and they are expressing their freedom of speech. Why can't people talk out loud to God in public or stand outside an abortion facility and talk among themselves (loudly of course) about why someone should not get an abortion? Who says their conversation is directed to women going into the facility?