Friday, October 9, 2009

Unity in the face of Adversity

Today's Gospel Reading was one that really can cause you to twitch in your seat. (or shoes, as we're standing at that point.)

The Pharisees challenge Jesus that it is by the power of Beezelbub that He casts out demons.

Jesus' response is the cryptic/prophetic: 'A house divided against itself cannot stand!'

As I read over this passage this morning at Mass, it struck me as important words to keep in mind in the Church for today.

We must be united to be strong.

United around the Holy Father. (Have you read his words recently?)

United around our (Arch)Bishop. (Have you prayed for him today?)

United around our parish. (Have you assisted at Mass, wholeheartedly?)

But it must be remembered, that unity without the Truth is not real, for Christ is the one who binds us together.

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