Monday, October 19, 2009

So, how was your weekend?

The weekend started off well.

Friday night, we were gathering as a family to celebrate the mutual birthday's of our parents. Mom's b-day was last Wednesday, dad's is this coming. (Only one party gets em both!)

Saturday morning, my three oldest neices were running in the county cross country meet back home, and it was in the home town, to boot, so I had to go. I didn't bring my winter coat, and 35 degrees with a jacket was a bit much, but we managed. The girls all ran well, one setting her PR for the 5K distance, and it was enjoyable. Plus, got to hang for a while with mom and dad, plus these three's younger brother and sister (who is a real jabberjaws!), so the cold was gladly endured.

Saturday afternoon was laundry and an appointment back in Cincinnati (after two hour drive back) and Mass for the Bengals on Saturday evening.

Sunday morning, I had the 10 Mass at Lourdes where I am in residence and then headed down for the game. (tickets instead of an honorarium is just fine with me!) We were sitting in the north end of the stadium, and the first half was good: back and forth football, sun shining on us, good crowd around, etc. Second half, not so good. Crowd started to get more unruly as the number of dropped balls and an absolute inability to stop the Texans (the Texans!) combined with the sun dropping below the upper deck to give a nice chill to the air. Final score: too much to not enough.

Returning to my car, we discovered one less intact window than when we left, minus a GPS nav system which I had left on the dash. Guess he wanted it more than I. grumble grumble grumble. Cleaned up as much glass as i could and headed back to the house and had a friend take me to Mass last night at a neighboring parish. (a reward will be awaiting in heaven!)

Called Safelight, scheduled a replacement for today. They called this morning: part has a blemish, shipping new part, not in till Thursday. WHAT! dangit, gonna be a cold week driving.

prayers of forgiveness being offered. and again. and again. and again. and again.


L Hennessey said...

Brian: Shoulda parked in Covington...

Father Schnippel said...

Killing me, Smalls!

Adoro said...

So sorry, Father. That sucks big time!

Kurt H said...

Sorry to hear that your NFL adventure ended badly. I'm sure you'll never leave valuables in plain sight (On the dashboard? What were you thinking?) in the middle of the big city again. You're not in Botkins anymore.