Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anyone going?

This weekend is the Deep in History Conference at the Hilton Easton in Columbus, sponsored by the Coming Home Network.

The line-up of speakers is fantastic as always:

Marcus Grodi "The Verse I Never Saw"
Dr. Brant Pitre "Jewish Roots of the Papacy"
Steve Ray "Peter and the Keys"
Dr. Kenneth Howell "The Issue of Authority in Early Christianity"
Msgr. Frank Lane "Authority through the Trinity"
Dr. Paul Thigpen "Spiritual Authority - Who Needs It?"
Dr. Kenneth Howell "The Issue of Authority in the Protestant and Catholic Reformations"
Archbishop Michael Sheehan "What Connects Nicea and Vatican II: Ecumenical Councils and the Magisterium"
Dr. Scott Hahn "Understanding Our Father: The Power of Prayer and the Eucharist"
Fr. Ray Ryland "Cardinal Newman and Papal Authority"

(oh, and me for Adoration. I get to follow Dr. Hahn. I'm already nervous!)

The subject: "Pillar and Bulwark: Authority is at the root of Catholic discussion with our separated brethren, and in 2009 we will take an in-depth look at where true and authentic authority lies."

Anyway, I'll be in black, perhaps long flowing black. Stop over and say hi!


Ed Winkle said...

Dr. Hahn? Wow, I would be nervous too! I have had to follow some high powered speak so you have to pray, stay calm and just tell the truth. Best Wishes!

Ed Winkle said...

Speakers not speak! My keyboard is missing letters sometimes, must be the wireless!

Adoro said...

I really wish I could go this year again. Not possible, and in fact, I have to work on Saturday. Such is life.

Maybe next year.

Will be praying for you! :-)

Carol said...

"Authority is at the root of Catholic discussion with our separated brethren" --yes, and now it needs to be at the root of discussion with our Catholic brethren who separate themselves from any living authority! I'm so glad our current Papa will be getting his props, too-- and from such a fine line-up! The conference (and Adoration) sounds wonderful. Lucky you folks!

Ryan H said...

Wow- he's lucky to get to open for you! I can't make it but will be praying for you.