Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Priesthood Sunday

is this weekend. As Bishop Finn suggests, take time to pray for your priests this weekend, the ones we have, the ones we need, and the ones sitting in your midst who might have a call to the priesthood but are not aware.


Kurt H said...

For a second there (before I finished reading the sentence) I thought the ones in our midst were going to be vacationing priests who didn't want anyone to know they were priests.

Anonymous said...

Tonight at St Susanna's, Mason, we were blessed to assist at the Mass with Fr. Tony Tozzi. His homily about the priesthood was powerful and unapologetic about the great gift the priesthood is to the Church, a cursory defense of popular accusations against priesthood, the uniqueness vs. protestant ministers, the joy in acting in person of Christ giving the faithful the Eucharist and in absolving sins and last rites. And finally a confident call to all young men to consider this vocation.

Joe K