Monday, November 5, 2007

The Archdiocese's Most Wanted List

is now available, WITH PICTURES!

You've seen the posters in the Churches, perhaps even have the smaller prayer card stuffed in your Bible or Prayer Book, you've heard their voices Friday mornings on Sacred Heart Radio, now you can put a face to the name (or voice) as we've added a new page to the Vocation Office website: Meet our Current Seminarians.

Please pray for these 33 men, that they may truly find God's path, and have the courage and strength to embrace their call completely.

Also, pray for the men who visited the seminary this past weekend, that they also can have that courage of giving a complete YES to God.

Now, show this page to your sons, nephews, students, and grandsons; asking them: Can you be a part of this list?

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