Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Effort by women to become priests pointless

So says not just the Church, but also Bill Banchy in this morning's Enquirer Your Voice column:

I may truly believe that I am Julius Caesar, but my wish does not make it so.

My thoughts on the matter have been published fairly widely, both at Catholic Exchange and on the Vocation Office home page.

And rats, I had a 300 word essay that originally was posted in the Telegraph, but can't find it now. :(

UPDATE: Found it! Yeah!

UPDATE 2: A great article from Adam's Ale

UPDATE 3: Adoro te Devote sends along her analysis of the situation.


Adoro te Devote said...

Here's one of my own snarkier posts with regard to this topic:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Father!

And just so no one is caught off guard...the one I wrote about took place in 2006, but the same issues are there.

~ Adoro