Friday, November 9, 2007

Off to Columbus

Well, I think I am finally going to be able to make it to Columbus for the National Catholic Youth Conference. I know, it started yesterday, but this week got away from me. Please pray for the teen who was killed while attending (see article below) and all those who are attending for their healing and recovery. (not to mention forgiveness for the person who caused such a tragedy.)

I'll be up in Columbus until Sunday morning, so no posting until then. :(


Anonymous said...

love those pasternacks for me.

Anonymous said...

I saw you. You don't know me, and were talking to others, so I didn't stop you, but I saw you. Please reflect on the awesomeness of that mass last night!!!

The sight of the Bishops clapping the cross was an awesome sight!!!

Thanks for coming. It is so wonderful to see so many priests and Bishops make that a priority. It would be so easy to say you were "too busy" to attend. I'm glad you weren't.