Friday, November 16, 2007

Back in the Nati!

We've returned from retreat, and what a great experience it was. Msgr. Frank Lane was his usual self, mixing wisdom of history with a great working knowledge of Scripture and an insight into the Modern World that not many have to give the guys (and me!) a challenge of not being mediocre in today's world. (We need EXCELLENT priests, not mediocre!)

Well, my joy was short lived, unfortunately. In my mailbox upon return:

Sacred Earth
Festival Music for Prayer and Celebration

The description just about busted my guts:

Sacred Earth is an album of spiritua music drawn from years of festive celebration. The Sanctuary ensemble has turned the words of sacred scripture [sic] into songs, hymns, and reflective mantras of haunting beauty and lasting impact. This 2 CD set of twenty-eight songs celebrates the beauty of Creation in the real experience of prayer and faith.

Hmmm... Now I am wondering who would love this "ideal Christmas gift for you or your loved ones"?

What really gets me is that they capitalized creation, but not Saced Scripture. A line from the retreat comes up: "You can't know the creation if you don't know the Creator!"

What a bunch of drivel, at least my week was good!


Rich Leonardi said...

Do the Most Precious Blood sisters or Sisters of Charity have a mailbox next to yours? Perhaps you received the CD by mistake.

Father Schnippel said...

It was a info flyer where I could purchase the two CD set for the low low price of $24, instead of the usual $36, or something like that.

Needless to say, file 13 on that one! (After I had a copy sent your way, Rich.)