Monday, November 26, 2007

Requiescat in Pace

Fr. Bill Schwartz, a priest for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, passed away on Thanksgiving Day. He was ordained in 1953, and faithfully served the Archdiocese from that time on.

Personally, I knew him from the summer I spent at Queen of Peace in Millville, where he helped out in retirement. He was a straight shooter, and told things how they were. And he was willing to step into difficult situations, as he was called out of retirement twice to step into parishes that had their pastors removed for allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.

From my interactions with the folks in Millville, they absolutely loved the man, even though he was by no means a 'softy.' He set a firm tone, but was an excellent listener and was not afraid to be a priest. His comment to me, as we would drive and pass a cemetery: "Pray for the dead, my boy, and the dead will pray for you!"

Schwartzy, please watch over me that I may be half the priest that you were (and are) in life.

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Eric said...

Father Schwartz married my wife and me. He baptized me and prepared me for communion and confirmation. He also baptized my first son.
What a great man and a great priest.
"Pray for the dead, my boy!"
Pray for Father Schwartz, he will pray for us all.