Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Voice from the Pews

Low and behold, everyone it seems is getting on this blogging bandwagon. Word has reached my ear, ok really, my computer monitor, of a new blog now appearing on the World Wide Internet thing: A Knight's Walk in the Kingdom.

Just a small selection:

We’re good at predicting things - knee hurts, it’s going to rain; wife stops talking, she’s growing steamed about something; Microsoft reports good earnings, the stock market is going to rise; sun comes up, the Reds are going to lose.

And there are other things we can predict but may not want to recognize about our future that are impacted by what we do today. We ignore our wife, she will grow distant. We ignore our children, they will make bad decisions. We cease to pray, we will grow spiritually cold. We lose touch with our conscience, we will make bad choices.

Theophilus sent me a very kind email, and gets the 'Big Picture.' Stop over at his place and greet a fellow pilgrim on the journey.


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