Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Passing along thanks

from the Eucharistic Festival of Praise, from Anne Marie Schmidt, who is the driving force behind the project:

To all of you that helped in anyway for the first of the Tri-State Eucharistic Festivals of Praise - thank you SO much. When Christ's body works together as a whole, great things can be accomplished for Him. There was SUCH a great turn out (maybe 300 people????) and anyone from babies to the elderly were present! The event was SO beautiful - a perfect blend of praise & worship and quiet contemplation with reverence and the focus kept on our Eucharistic Lord. When the focus is kept on the Lord, great things will happen because Christ wants us to know His love & the truth. This will bring us true joy and He wants the best for us, His precious children.

To the "MC", Fr. Eric Bowman - you did an awesome job! Thank you for blessing us with your God-given talents and using your talents to give back to God. To all the coordinators ( Lindsey Simmons, Matt Feist, Jon Patch, Jon Schaeffer, Kathleen Arthur, Heather Backer, Karen Huezo, Jeff Arthur, Rich Rudolph, Lucas Hennessey, & Christina Regala) - thank you SOOO much. This event would not have been possible without all of your hard work. Please tell all those who helped you "thank you". Music coordinators - please give all the musicians a hug for me - you all were superb - what beautiful music there was for God! Fr. Kyle, Fr. Michael, & all the other priests (Fr. Kyle, Rich Rudolph, & Matt Feist please forward the other priests a "thank you" from me!") thanks for volunteering to hear confessions. What a long line there was! I finally glanced over at one point during the night and my mouth about dropped! God's AWESOME! He really wanted to shed His mercy down upon us! Michael Johnson ("MJ"), thank you for all of your help with the website! Dana Shelton - thanks for your last minute help with the song books & cleaning up! Lisa Kuethe - thank you for your help with the t-shirts! (By the way, if anyone wants one, I have some left in the trunk of my car! Hint, Hint) Joe Fussner, thank you for snapping pics during the event. A HUGE thank you to all who interceded for the event - without your prayers, this event would not have been possible. Fr. Nicholas, thank you for the "words of wisdom" you gave us months ago! To anyone else who has helped in any way, to all those who forwarded the info. about this event on to others, and to all who came (including those who brought their youth groups - that's you Christy Maas)- thank you! Although people have requested for the next Eucharistic FOP to be sooner, it is not scheduled until March 15th - sorry! Let's pray for St. Jude's church to be packed, for people to grow more in love with the Eucharistic Lord and deepen their relationship with God, and that this event continues to be totally led by God as this past one was. Yea Holy Spirit! May there be many more "EFOPs" in the future! Oh, and THANKS BE TO GOD!!!!

In Christ's Love,
Anne Marie & Emily
P.S. Please stay tuned for a future e-mail asking for beneficial feedback (ex. next time having 2 screens & a projector), advice on future EFOP dates & locations, and coordinator positions....or you can just e-mail your thoughts now if you can't wait!

Ideas could always be posted in the combox below, too.

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Anne Marie said...

Thanks for your blog post Fr. Kyle! I need to read some of the other things on here sometime! Please tell all to stay tuned to the website for future EFOP dates & locations! The next one is March 15th! Super exciting! I also want to give a "thank you" to Emily B., the other coordinator for the event, as well as to God. God was the real driving force behind it all. If it's His will, He will make it happen. He wants everyone to come to Him & to experience the fullness of joy. God is love!