Sunday, September 7, 2008

Google Chrome

Has anyone else made the switch to Google Chrome, their new web browser?

Care to share thoughts?

So far, the biggest boom was being able to import bookmarks and history from Internet Explorer.  I have found Chrome to be faster, but getting to the history file is a little more cumbersome, so if you browse without bookmarks, it might take some getting used to.

A nice feature so far is being able to keep bookmarks in a row under the address bar, either under file folders or as seperate buttons, making going back to regularly visited sites much quicker.

There are apparently some security risks, but I haven't had a problem so far. (two days into trial)

Although, in my first round of posting here, some of the key strokes are different and will take some getting used to.  For example, 'tab' in the text box doesn't advance to the 'labels for post' entry form as it did in IE, and when typing in labels, got to hit 'enter' instead of 'tab.'  A matter of retraining fingers, is all, and actually having to use a mouse, oh the horror!


Jeff Miller said...

Not quite ready for prime-time and of course this is very early beta.

It will take a lot more to take me away from FF3 and its add-ons.

Jay3GSM said...

For now I am retaining use of Firefox, with Opera as backup. Opera is good for me as I access the web on the move, and without a doubt Opera Mini is the best mobile web browser there is.

I downloaded Chrome but I have managed to crash it twice, so I'm going to wait for some updates. Promising though, very fast at loading web pages.