Friday, September 5, 2008

What Where When Meme

Stolen from a Quiet Catholic, who inturn stole it from Orthometer.

1. President Kennedy's Assassination - 22 November 1963
Um, my parents were in GRADE SCHOOL, so I wasn't even close to being around yet.

2. England's World Cup Semi Final v Germany - 4 July 1990
I was in grade school by this point and hadn't made the leap to international soccer matches, open wheel racing was still relevant.

3. Margaret Thatcher's resignation - 22 November 1990
See previous, still oblivious (some things never change)

4. Princess Diana's death - 31 August 1997
I was just starting my second year of seminary (college junior) and we had just come back from dinner and turned on the television in someone's room; I left shortly thereafter and went to the Chapel as I had been in a pretty serious car accident the year before (thankfully no one killed!)and a lot of memories came back.

5. Attack on the twin towers - 11 September 2001
Interning at St. John's Dry Ridge during seminary, was having a relaxing morning, as Tuesday was my 'day off' (when I still got those....) and flipped on the TV right about as it all started to hit the fan.

6. The election of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger to the papacy - 19 April 2005
On a two day parish staff overnight (me as parochial vicar), getting ready to leave and return to the city when we by chance flipped on the tele (luck by my side again), to check if the next ballot had come. As we turn on the TV, smoke starts emerging from the chimney, and the thought in my head: 'OMG! There's only one person whom they could have possibly voted in this quickly......' My joy was hightened, but it was not shared by everyone in the room.


Adoro said...

I saw this one, too, might do it.

But, uh, couldn't have been in grade school in 1990. And I say that because I know where I was that year! (Although not at those times...)

On 9/11 I was a firefighter cadet and I'll never forget watching the towers fall, knowing that the uniform I wore was the same as those of the NYFD.

I was at work when our Papa was elected...we were taking a Manager out for lunch, and I think I was the ONLY person there who first knew what was going on, and secondly, was THRILLED.

Lillian Marie said...

Okay - I'm feeling old! Thanks a lot!!

1 - not born yet ... not even a glimmer in my parent's eyes.

2 - Watched it! Out of undergrad, working in child care - friends & I went to sports bar to watch the game.

3 - We (friends and I) were all shocked at her resignation. We thought she did a fabulous job running the nation.

4 - Okay - major shock! Watched the wedding (yes, stayed up til the wee hours of the morning to watch it live) and now to hear that she died.
Recently moved from child care to logistics & finance. Started taking classes at a community college because I was bored - yes, major geek!

5 - you missed the crash of the Space Shuttle (1998)!

Twin Towers - still working in logistics - saw (on TV) the actual crash of the 2nd plane ... we couldn't believe our eyes! The plane actually headed straight for the other tower!

6 - Watched it in hightened anticipation especially since the recent death of Pope John Paul II - excited to see Cardinal Ratzinger elected.

okay - back to work! *grin*

Lillian Marie said...

Sorry - space shuttle Challenger crash in 1986 (typo).

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

"My joy was heightened, but it was not shared by everyone in the room." Lol, I love it. A friend made a similar comment about the mood at our chancery.

Kat said...

I did it and posted it... as to LM's Challenger question I was in elementary school and it was science day so we were watching it live I was in 2nd grade. They sent us home early that day.

Father Martin Fox said...

1. Assassination of President Kennedy: I was 19 mos. old. I was, presumably, at home in North Avondale; beyond that, no clue.

2. I didn't know England played Germany that day. Why didn't they have the day off for the 4th of July?

3. Margaret Thatcher's resignation. I have no idea; probably blotted it out due to the trauma.

4. Princess Diana's death. Gee, I'm doing badly here; I was watching TV, that's about all I remember.

5. Attack on the Twin Towers. This I remember: I was in the refectory at the seminary, having a cup of coffee, someone came running down, said a plane hit the tower, and I said, oh, an accident, how terrible, and he said, no, I don't think so. He went back, and I didn't think it was such a big deal. I went up to my room, and worked; I couldn't get online but didn't figure out why. I came down two hours later, and saw one of the towers fell, and was in total shock because I hadn't realized all that was going on.

6. Pope Benedict's election. I was assigned at St. Albert Parish in Kettering, and came into the office, everyone was crowded around the tv, and there was, amont several folks, a distinct lack of enthusiasm about Cardinal Ratzinger (I'll never forget how the prelate pronounced it!); I elected to keep my elation to myself.