Monday, September 22, 2008

Stunned, Absolutely Stunned!

So, we had our little event last night.

I had heard increasing buzz from different sectors leading up to the Call of the King Conference, and I was getting hopeful. Optimistically, I was thinking around 200 total for the event would be outstanding.

I was wrong. Way Wrong!

Finally tally was around 350-375!

As we started the Holy Hour at 6:00, there were maybe 40 in the Chapel at the Center. Ok, I thought, it is a start, we'll see how it goes.

I was kneeling in front of the Monstrance and leading the rosary, slowly the volume level started to build.

I gave a short reading from Hebrews and a reflection, we were approaching 80 by that point, I would say.

The Litany of Vocations started to build and build. I was starting to get very excited.

Finally, Benediction and replacing the monstrance in the Adoration Chapel. There were fifteen minutes before the event 'started' and the crowd was swelling.

My feet were off the floor!

I saw all of our speakers, made a quick connection with them. I found a few of the team members and they were beaming. The Chant started playing over the sound system, the chapel was mostly quiet.

7:00 hit, and I approached the pulpit and turned. STUNNED! The chapel was FULL!

In my wildest dreams, I expected this size of a crowd in three years, not now. I talked to one team member after the event, she was in full out panic mode (in a good way): more coffee! we're out of folders! SEATS for everyone!

Then the talk started by Fr. Brausch. Engaging, intellectual, solid, and applicable.

Two seminarians followed him up and drove the point home, exactly!

Finally, Anne approached and didn't hit a home run, not even a Grand Slam; she hit a Grand Slam while also pitching a perfect game!

To all those who attended, thank you very much.

For all those who prayed for the event, without you it wouldn't have happened in such a dramatic way.

The conference was recorded, so CDs will be available shortly.

This was all for ourLord, for His priests, and what a wonderful gathering it truly was.



Adoro said...

Oh, I TOTALLY need one of those CD's!

uncle jim said...


Lillian Marie said...

How totally awesome!!!

Barb said...

That's wonderful, Father!
I wanted to come but couldn't because of a family obligation. Are you going to be doing another one sometime?
I want one of those CDs...

Maureen said...

So now you need to run one of these in Dayton!

All these things are always in Cincinnati, and that's always been a long way away -- especially with night events. With gas prices where they are and rush hour traffic, Cincy feels a lot farther along the road.

(Since I don't have a car, of course, it's not exactly likely that I'd jump on the Greyhound, figure out your weird bus system enough to get out somewhere in the suburbs, get back on the bus, find some hotel or stay overnight in the Greyhound station if I miss the late bus, wait around until our bus system starts running again or take a taxi, etc.)

(I also really love how when the archdiocese runs classes in Dayton, they run them after dark over by the dead Salem Mall, which is not exactly a super good part of town in daylight, but gets rapidly scarier after dark on weekends -- and as you may know, that side of town is playing gang warfare these days. The occasional visit to Our Lady of the Rosary is making my mom frightened for my life as it is, even though Mass there is early in the morning on Sunday. So I'm not pushing for martyrdom that hard, thanks....)

Seriously, though, I don't understand why we never have cool stuff like this in Dayton, except for maybe the Rosary Rally.

Father Schnippel said...


While the plans are still in formulation, we are planning to host four conferences a year: two in Cinci, one each in Dayton and 'The North'. We still need to determine times and locations, tho. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...


I am thrilled at the outpouring of attendance! The Holy Spirit is alive and well in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, and thanks be to GOD for the faithful who will pray, support, encourage and love priests and seminarians with the sacrifice of their time to pray for them!

Rejoicing with you from the Arlington Diocese!

MJ said...

Congrats!! I would like a CD too when they are available.
Could we stretch the Archdiocese of Cincinnati boundaries to Cleveland and we could be "The North"?

Adoro said...

I can pick my CD up in a month when I get there...